Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Lee Friedlander Photos of Billie and De De Pierce and Jim Robinson

Volume Two of Atlantic's Jazz at Preservation Hall series has Jim Robinson's Band on Side One and Billie and De De Pierce on Side Two.

The album notes say, "If the world's jazziest trombonist isn't Jim Robinson, then that person surely remains undiscovered."Husband and wife Billie and De De Pierce played together in New Orleans for more than 35 years in the "waterfront dance clubs on Decatur Street."
Billie and De De Pierce were also the subjects of a more well known Friedlander photograph:

Love, marriage, music, Jesus Christ, and Pall Malls, if I am not mistaken.


  1. I actually think that Billie Pierce smoked Kool...!
    Cheers: Per

  2. Thanks Prof. I will defer to your superior knowledge of Billie Pierce's smokes. I just thought that the ones on the bed, king sized straights in what appears to be a red pack, looked like Pall Malls.