Monday, June 21, 2010

Treme - John Boutte

I enjoyed watching the finale of Treme last night and think that the show is an important reflection of both the spirit and culture of New Orleans and the difficulties that we face as a city and a country.

But, putting all that aside, I think that there is one inarguable truth about Treme that everyone should agree on. John Boutte, who sings the opening song and who has been featured throughout the first season, deserves to be famous. He sounds like Sam Cooke (which was joked about in the finale), while still sounding distinctly John Boutte. I hope that he still plays for free at DBA on Saturdays if he gets huge but I will still count myself lucky to have seen him there so many times if he doesn't.

I frequently find myself bitching about all of New Orleans' troubles but John Boutte is way up on my New Orleans gratitude list, along with roast beef po-boys (I would say oyster po-boys but that has become complicated recently), Mardi Gras, and long pine floorboards, that make it more than worth the effort.


  1. Agreed. Sometimes the title song/montage is the highlight of the show for me.

  2. John Boutte is THE BEST. Really, if he came to sing at my door, I'd never leave New Orleans.

  3. What was the name of the song he sang at her door?

  4. The song was Sam Cooke's "Bring It on Home to Me." ( I remembered after watching the show that one night I was out for drinks with a friend on his birthday and he got a call from another friend with birthday wishes and that friend put John Boutte on the phone to sing him happy birthday. Notwithstanding Boutte's efforts, he also ended up leaving New Orleans.

  5. The man really is a treasure, and has a political twist now and then as well. I need to write up what I caught of the lyrics of "11 men dead/nobody knows nothing" he sang last Saturday night at d.b.a.

    Every Saturday at 8 at the usual place.