Thursday, October 7, 2010

Welcome Prize

The day is still young but this anti-Latino David Vitter attack advertisement is the most offensive thing I have seen so far . . .

God knows that people come to this country from Latin America to be mocked and caricatured, for free hand outs, to commit crimes, and for limousine rides. Surely not to work hard, to improve the lives of their children, and to participate in civic life in a great democracy, like my grandmother's parents, who immigrated from Eastern Canada in the 1920's and who had children in Massachusetts and New York that became American citizens by virtue of the 14th Amendment, now under threat.

Vitter's implicitly attacks the family histories and American identities of anyone whose family origins began outside this country (and that's quite nearly all of us), including many of us whose families have long shed any hint of foreign origin.

But for anyone who has an aunt, or a grandma, or a great grandma who spoke English with a little accent by virtue of having been born in some other country, you should be very offended.


  1. If Vitter had been part of the political realm 50 years ago, no doubt he would have put a positive spin on African Americans hanging from trees.

    It's astonishing that Vitter, and people like him, have to be fought against constantly.

  2. Hi Billy,

    Thank you for posting about this. I saw this commercial as well and was angry and hurt that this was even allowed to air.

    It's good to read other New Orleans' writers take a stand against it.